دات نت نیوک

Technical Instructions

In organizations and industrial complexes, there are regulations and letter sections that regulate the principles and rules in a regular and coherent manner, based on the correct and accurate methods of using tools and devices and utilizing space. .. to users. Technical guidelines are being developed and used for the better use of the goods or services in question

In the course of training activities, the production of technical instructions will be important in helping users to use the correct devices and tools correctly.

Espidan Consulting Engineer, with regard to the level of access and the need of the user, recognizes the concepts and extent of the ability of the individuals to make technical instructions for the products, which include some of the operating instructions as follows:

  • Industrial Machinery Technical Instructions
  • Lab Safety Instructions
  • Workplace Safety Instructions Workshop
  • HSE functional guidelines
  • Technical Guidance on Occupational Health
  • Instructions for implementation of quality control unit
  • Operator's Technical Instructions
  • Product Quality Guidelines
  • Instructions on employee performance evaluation
  • ....